Prescription Drug Take Back Program

Due to the possibility of prescription drugs getting into our water source or in the hands of our children, the Sheriff's Office has a prescription take back program where we dispose of all prescription drugs safely.  If you have an abundance of prescription dugs due to a loss of a loved one please feel free to dispose of them free of charge. 

The box is located in the DeKalb County Nutrition Center located just 1 mile east of Maysville, just past Gary Rays. Feel free to bring any and all prescription medications and drop off. The DeKalb County Sheriffs Office will empty it daily and safely dispose of them!

Contact Information

DeKalb County Sheriff's Office

109 West Main St. P.O.  Box 317

Maysville Mo. 64469

Phone: (816) 449-5802

Fax: (816) 449-5241

Sheriff's E-mail

"Difference between an Office and a Department"

Department: One of the major divisions of a branch of government.  Generally, a branch or division of government subordinate to that government's administration.

Office:  A right and correspondent duty to exercise a public trust.  A public charge or employment.  It is an elected public office!!! 

We are the Sheriff's Office!!!