Osborn 6th. Grade 2017


DeKalb County Junior Deputy Program

Founded by Sheriff Andy Clark 

The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office believes that the interaction with children in the school is a vital step to bridging the gap between the worldly perceptions of Law Enforcement and what we actually represent.

The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office puts on an 8 week class (Jr. Sheriff Class) targeting 6th grades.  We look for approximately 30-45 minutes per week but we are also flexible to whatever the school requires of us.

The weekly courses we teach are:

Week #1- Officer Introduction- Duties and Responsibilities of Law Enforcement

Week #2- Tobacco: High Cost Along with Health Problems

Week #3- Alcohol- Fatal Vision Goggles

Week #4- Medical Emergencies

Week #5- Fire Safety

Weal #6- Prescription Drugs Vs. Illegal Drugs

Week #7- Online Safety and Bullying

Week #8- Review and Party!!!


This 8 week program is at no cost to the school along with any items or information given to the students. 


Union Star 6Th. Grade 2018

Stewartsville 6Th. Grade 2018